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Mental Well-Being

A program to educate and develop healthier practices and resilience towards negative experiences to improve the mental wellbeing of the community members.

500,000 AED

The Authority of Social Contribution - MAAN

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Project Information

A program to educate and develop healthier practices and resilience toward negative experiences to improve the mental wellbeing of community members.

Why should I support them?

The program will ensure accessible, convenient and inclusive mental health support for the local community in Abu Dhabi

Who am I benefiting?

Community members in need of mental health support

Sustainable Development Goals

Initiatives Details

1. Initiative:  Mental Health Development                                Partner: Nafas

About Initiative:
  • Developing and improving mental health for young people:
  • Providing free and unlimited access to mental health content in NAFAS application
  •  Raise awareness about health practices around mental health and improve resilience to negative experiences of young people. 

2. Initiative:  Psychological Counseling and Educational Workshops                       Partner: Mindtales

About Initiative:
  • Provide the required mental support through access to psychological sessions, activities and workshops that help reduce stress and anxiety.
3. Initiative:  Wellness for University Students                                      Partner: Takalam

About Initiative:
  • One-on-one sessions with university students to assess their psychological status and select the method and solutions to be followed in the planned sessions.
  • The initiative is designed to empower students by giving them the choice and safe space to talk about their mental health and emotional challenges and to learn practical skills to unlock their full potential and increase their performance levels.
  • Increase students Productivity and enhancing their Mental well-being.

4. Initiative Name:  Marriage Counselling                                                Partner:  Takalam

About Initiative:
  • Raise awareness for the Emirati community on what matters for a happy marriage.
  • Decrease chances of divorce for the enrolled couples by Enhancing communication among the couples
  • Building trust between couples and increase their ability to invest time and efforts in the relationship.
  • Increase local community acceptance towards marriage counselling.

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Volunteers sign up
Meals provided to workers

27 Million

Meals provided to workers
Laptop provided to students


Laptop provided to students
Students’ fees tuition covered


Students’ fees tuition covered