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About Ma'an

How your contribution achieved a Social Impact?

Provides Entities

Provides Entities

a credible platform to host their social projects and programs

Enables People

Enables People

and companies to contribute to the different social priorities in Abu Dhabi

Offers Contributors

Offers Contributors

a multi-themed list of programs and initiatives

Facilitates Sustainable

Facilitates Sustainable

sustainable solutions in priority areas such as health, employment and education, family and community


The process of development depends not only on those who are in responsible positions, but also on the efforts of every citizen in this country.

Our social network

The Authority of Social Contribution

Ma’an was established in February 2019 under the Department of Community Development in Abu Dhabi with the aim of bringing together the government, the private sector and civil society to support a culture of social contribution and participation.


The Authority will deliver solutions

For social challenges with five main pillars of work – a Social Investment Fund, a Social Incubator, Outreach Management, Community Engagement Programs and the introduction of a new type of public contracting, Social Impact Bonds.


Ma’an will support the third sector to flourish in Abu Dhabi

Enabling responsible not for profit associations or foundations and social enterprises to contribute to the development of strong, active and connected communities.


The Authority is a ‘Ghadan 21’ accelerator program initiative

Supporting Abu Dhabi to become one of the best places in the world to do business, invest, live, work and visit.

The impact your contribution makes

Volunteers Sign Up


Volunteers signed up

Meals Provided To Workers

27 Millions

Meals provided to workers

Students fees tuition covered


Students fees tuition covered

Laptops provided to students


Laptops provided to students

Food baskets provided to individuals


Food baskets provided to individuals

Front-line workers benefited from accumulation rooms


Frontline workers benefited from accumulation rooms

Individuals covered for COVID-19 test


Individuals covered for the COVID-19 test

Front-line beneficiaries of mental health program


Frontline beneficiaries of mental health program

Beneficiaries Supported


Beneficiaries supported

1.45 Million People


Million People In Abu Dhabi

Be the Change Maker

One dirham might not seem like much, but imagine one dirham from the 1.45 million people who make up our community #InAbuDhabi. Imagine our power when we all come together. Every dirham counts. #BeTheChangeMaker #PowerOfADirham

How can Maan help you be the change-maker?

Ma’an is based on the founding principle by working together we can achieve more than the sum of our parts. Every day across Abu Dhabi there are individuals, communities and organizations helping people to overcome social challenges. Imagine how much more impact we could make if we put all of those individual efforts together.