The Authority for Social Contribution – Ma’an has today announced the provision of more than 20 million million nutritious meals for workers residing in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi as part of its ‘Together We Share’ programme.
Held under the umbrella of Ma’an’s ‘Together We Are Good’ programme, the initiative was launched on 1 May and since then has seen hundreds of thousands of nutritious meals delivered every day to feed workers at 35 accommodation complexes in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra.
The 20 million meals milestone comes as Ma’an announced that it would continue the ‘Together We Share’ meals programme during the coming weeks, providing workers with additional support.
Her Excellency Salama Al Ameemi, Director General of Ma’an, said: “I am very proud to announce that we have delivered more than 20 million meals since the launch of the programme, and I am pleased to reveal that the programme will continue to run, providing more moral support to hundreds of thousands of our community in the longer term.
“To have made such a difference to so many is testament to the concerted and coordinated efforts and generosity of the many individuals and companies who have continuously supported us in any way they can. The community spirit on display never ceases to humble me and we remain committed to helping affected people in the community from all walks of life.”
The ‘Together We Are Good’ programme is the first project of Ma’an’s Social Fund that allows community contributions to help tackle social challenges. The Social Fund is the official government channel to receive contributions for these purposes.
Since the programme was launched, Ma’an has provided support with school fees to parents of children attending Abu Dhabi private schools through its ‘Together We Are Good’ programme. Ma’an has also provided assistance to affected residents in the Emirate with essential nutritional supplies via food baskets for individuals, couples and families, as well as basic needs support.
Participants wishing to contribute financially to ‘Together We Are Good’ can send SMS messages to 6670 (AED 1000), 6678 (500 AED), 6683 (100 AED) and 6658 (50 AED). They can also call 8005-MAAN for volunteering and in-kind and financial contributions above AED 1,000 or send messages on WhatsApp on 0543055366. In-kind contributions include equipment, buildings, services, and time as well as expert volunteering efforts.