Driven by creating social impact and making a positive difference


A number of social action projects are seeking contributions from people just like you. By giving together, we can channel our impact and spread positive change further than ever before. Join our social mission and make a difference in Abu Dhabi!

Why Contribute?

Contribution Benefits

Your contribution, no matter how small, sets off a chain of positive change, touching countless lives within our community. By supporting these impactful social programmes you are enabling the growth of a thriving third sector who works hard to deliver sustainable solutions to social priorities in Abu Dhabi. Contributing doesn't just support social programmes; it offers a host of personal benefits:

Personal Fulfillment

The joy of actively shaping a more collaborative, inclusive, and sustainable Abu Dhabi.


Connect with a dedicated network of passionate individuals and organizations driving positive social change.


Your contribution, whether financial, in-kind or through volunteering, directly impacts your local communities.

Ripple Effect

Be part of building a thriving and resilient Abu Dhabi, where social responsibility and environmental awareness progress together, and where all of your contributions go directly to a social cause of your choice.

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Contribute Your Way: Funding, Partnerships, and Beyond

As the official government channel for receiving social contributions in Abu Dhabi, Ma’an is the right partner for social impact, ensuring transparency, accountability, and effectiveness of your contributions. Ma'an connects individuals and businesses with diverse ways to contribute to Abu Dhabi's social landscape. Fund impactful projects, partner on CSR initiatives, or volunteer your time – every action ripples to create a better tomorrow.

Social Investment Fund

Abu Dhabi’s official government channel to receive contributions from the public sector, private sector, and community, to be used in addressing the social challenges and social development priorities identified in the Emirate.

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