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Together for Every Orphan

Every child deserves a chance, and with your contribution we will be able to provide orphans and children who lack family care with access to educational and family support programmes.
Social, Education
401 Days Left
401 Days Left
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AED 3,974,074


AED 5,000,000

79.48 %

The Authority of Social Contribution - MAAN

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Project Information

This campaign, designed by the Authority of Social Contribution-Ma'an, provided orphans and children who lack family care with the needed social support required to help them integrate into society.

We provide health, psychological, social, recreational, and educational care for children who lack family care, following up on children under custodianship, and supporting custodian families.

Orphans and children who lack family care are part of our community and it's imperative they receive the same career prospects and livelihood opportunities as any other child.

Like-minded individuals, local businesses and influential leaders contributed to make a real impact.

Why should I support them?

Supporting this project will enable care facilities to better serve all children lacking family care.

Who am I benefiting?

Children lacking family care

Sustainable Development Goals

Partners Information

Family Care Authority

Orphans Wellbeing

About Initiative:
  • Providing a full support for family cases by providing:
  • Academic Support
  • Talent Promotion and Development
  • Integration Programs
  • Home Equipment's
  • Healthcare Services
Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation

Orphans Integrated Care

About Initiative:
  • Taking care of orphans and their families by covering all aspects of life, providing their family and school supplies, and following up on their involvement in various social activities in order to develop their skills

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Volunteers sign up


Volunteers sign up
Meals provided to workers

27 Million

Meals provided to workers
Laptop provided to students


Laptop provided to students
Students’ fees tuition covered


Students’ fees tuition covered