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What is Ma’an Social Investment Fund?

As the emirate’s official channel for social contributions, we empower individuals, businesses, and the public sector to come together and tackle the most pressing social priorities, mobilising every contribution to create a lasting impact.

The Ma’an Social Investment Fund ensures 100% of your contribution directly impacts initiatives in education, healthcare, environment and social well-being, prioritising projects that empower the youth, strengthen families, support vulnerable communities, and foster a more inclusive and vibrant Abu Dhabi. 

The Fund’s investment decisions are aligned with these priorities of the Department of Community Development in Abu Dhabi:

Family & Community
Community Creating an inclusive and cohesive community in Abu Dhabi
Environment Supporting environmental protection and public awareness of the pressing environmental issues
Jobs & Education
Education Promoting the culture of creativity, innovation, sustainability, and excellence by supporting the development of the education sector in Abu Dhabi
Health Supporting and facilitating access to therapeutic, preventive and rehabilitative care services in Abu Dhabi
Basic Human Needs
Infrastructure Creating an ideal living environment for citizens and residents in Abu Dhabi.

How are we distinct?

The Social Investment Fund is more than a funding source. It is a catalyst for social impact. Here's how it sets itself apart:

  • Tackling critical social priorities head-on with innovative solutions.
  • Complementing government efforts, providing a powerful tool for social intervention and impact.
  • Prioritising transparency and accountability, ensuring every contribution is 100% directed to social causes and drives tangible results.
  • Supporting the development of a thriving and empowered third sector that delivers sustainable solutions.
  • Streamlining platform for individuals and organisations to support and contribute to impactful social causes close to their heart.
why contribute

Ma’an sets to unite the emirates under shared societal values to create and fund innovative, sustainable solutions to important social challenges.

There is strength within numbers and through working together, every day individuals, communities and organisations in Abu Dhabi will receive the help and support they need to thrive, but we need your help. Through contributing to the Social Investment Fund, you can be part of a pioneering third sector in Abu Dhabi, where your money will be used to address important social causes, helping those when they need it most. Your contribution will make a positive and life changing impact for generations to come.

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