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Effortless Rides For PODs

Supporting and facilitating transportation services for people of determination by providing taxis equipped with the necessary facilities, to support their independence and inclusion in society

AED 111


AED 640,000

Project Start Date


Project End Date



Project Information

This project will help PODs break out of the isolation that comes from not having properly equipped vehicles that they can use for transportation. By improving their mobility, PODs will gain a greater sense of independence and empowerment and can more actively contribute to the activities of the Abu Dhabi community.

Why should I support them?

  • Increasing the number of inclusive taxis within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi
  • Provide accessibility standards for taxis including specialized access equipment for inclusive taxis.
  • Providing training programs for taxi drivers on how to deal with people of determination with various disabilities and meet their mobility needs

Who am I benefiting?

People of Determination 

Sustainable Development Goals