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Multiple Sclerosis Campaign

Improve the lives of people with multiple sclerosis living in the UAE through providing support, raising awareness, advancing research all while working towards finding a cure for MS.

AED 800,108.4


AED 3,000,000

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Campaign Information

Improve the lives of people with multiple sclerosis living in the UAE through

  • Increasing awareness and advocacy for people with MS, through engaging stakeholders and developing partnerships that enable NMSS to foster a supportive ecosystem for people with MS.
  • Improving access to ancillary care for people with MS.

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National multiple sclerosis socity


Why should I support them?

Contributing to the MS campaign allows for

  • Creating awareness programs to reduce the stigma associated with MS and promoting a more empathetic and inclusive society.
  • Expanding the research grants program to accelerate the search for more effective treatments and contribute to finding a cure for MS.
  • Delivering specialized workshops and programs for People with MS to assist in helping them adjust to life with MS, while considering their health, families, and careers.

Who am I benefiting?

People with MS living in the UAE and their primary carers.

Sustainable Development Goals

Initiatives Details
1. Initiative: MS Research                              
About Initiative:
  • MS Research is an NMSS program that explores innovative treatments for MS. Through collaboration with several healthcare stakeholders, the disease's epidemiology is investigated, and risk factors in the UAE are identified. By funding new research, we strive to advance the knowledge and care for people with MS, ultimately improving the lives of those affected.
2. Initiative: Workplace Awareness Program                   
About Initiative:
  • The Workplace Awareness Program aims to foster an inclusive and informed work environment by enhancing awareness of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and promoting employee understanding. NMSS will conduct knowledge seminars with various employers, providing practical insights on how to promote inclusion and support colleagues with MS effectively. The objective is cultivating a workplace environment where all employees feel valued, understood, and supported.
3. Initiative:  MS Circles                                    
About Initiative:
  • MS Circles is an engagement program that provides people with MS and their primary carers with a platform to connect, share, and offer valuable insights, tips, and tools. These sessions are recorded and shared with the MS community to maximize their impact.
4. Initiative Name:  Helpline                                                 
About Initiative:
  • MS helpline provides vital information about MS management, and available resources, empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their health. Ultimately, the helpline plays a crucial role in connecting individuals with MS to a supportive community, offering reassurance and encouragement along their journey.