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Driven by creating social impact and making a positive difference


Voice Rise For Deaf Community

The program aims to boost and develop communication skills for people who speak verbally and those who have hearing loss by engaging them in necessary workshops, training sessions and equipping them with the necessary devices

AED 570


AED 975,000

Project Start Date


Project End Date


Project Information

This project seeks to support verbally and hearing-challenged individuals in Abu Dhabi to realize their potential and build up their capabilities and consequently their confidence and self-esteem thus allowing them to become independent and more active and productive members of the Abu Dhabi community.

Why should I support them?

  • Enhancing communication skills between verbal and hearing-impaired individuals
  • Improves deaf overall well-being and nurtures a sense of belonging and understanding
  • Creating a more compassionate and united society.

Who am I benefiting?

People with hearing impairment


  • Awareness Programs & Training courses
  • Upskilling programs
  • Handicraft workshops
  • Cooking courses
  • Assistive technologies by providing Hearing Aids, Alarm devices for the hearing-impaired families


Sustainable Development Goals